Safit Srl, based in Affi (province of Verona), has presented its Urban Implementation Plan "Le Danzie", for the building of a new residential settlement, located in Affi, between Via Danzia and Via Crivellin.

This residential development is on a total area of about 40,000 square meters, divided into 33 lots of 1,000 square meters each, on average. The possible size of the buildings is around 1,000 cubic meters. The implementation of primary infrastructure works is planned in the project: public green areas, roads, parking lots and pavements. The complex is nestled in a small piece.


Affi, this town of the Veneto region, is surrounded by an enchanting landscape.

A few miles from the beautiful Verona, it is considered a strategic gateway to Lake Garda. It is a small treasure trove of historical, artistic and architectural treasures, the gift of a long and fascinating history.

The city of love, well known thanks to Shakespeare's famous love story, Romeo & Juliet.

For anyone that travels to Italy from Northern Europe, Verona is considered as the "door to Italy" to discover the wonders of our amazing country. Verona is not only famous for its beautiful architecture but also for its local cuisine. It is rich of must-sees that all tourists have on their list to see and do when visiting this famous city.

Lake Garda represents the quintessence of nature's beauty.

It is a perfect balance of landscape that captures the hearts of all its visitors. Surrounded by countless places of interest, it is also the ideal destination for sportsmen, especially for windsurf lovers.

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